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Jun. 7th, 2011

Wahh~! I just finished outlining my chibi Arashi drawing, I really feel happy and accomplished. To think that I only finished OUTLINING I'm already very happy to the extent that I can't take it anymore. Well, I still can't erase the unecessary pencil lines. Blame my (truth is, it's my Onee-chan's) eraser who has been gone for days! I don't know what happened to it. It is mad at me? Of course, not! Gah. So, I can't continue unless that stupid eraser come out from its hiding place. Then, I'd like to show it, but since it's NOT YET finished, it's still impossible. Hmm... By the way, that chibi Arashi that I drew is based on their PV, Love Rainbow. Actually it was Onee-chan's request (oh, no, no, it's me who asked her want PV she likes). As per her request, I drew that chibi Arashi. I'm definitely confident in my drawing (what a proud person I am...). So, here's the end of the post, bye-bye~!
It's almost Nino's birthday! In advance, I'm going post this because I might not be able to make a birthday post on time. Classes are starting, (well, for mine it's still on Monday, June 13) so it might be hard to be online. But, for the sake of my ichiban I'll do my best to make him a birthday post, yay! Also, to celebrate Nino-month, I put his solos on my cell phone, though only two can fit. *laughs* At least, there's two. Two is better than nothing, right? So, I won't delete it until it's already July. I'm keeping it for one month. Ganbarimasu! Off we go~!

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