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I just said on my previous entry that the fic would be posted in a few days but I didn't expect it to be done tonight. Here we go!

Title: Happiest Moment in Your Life
Characters: Matsumoto Jun-Nose Karina (pair), Sakuraiba, Ohno Satoshi (appearance), Matsumiya (mail exchange)
Date: August 31, 2010
Notes: There are lots of grammatical errors, so, Onee-chan, I'll leave it to you! Yoroshiku!
Word Count: 1,751 words
Roller coasters, ferries wheels, ticket booths, ice creams, balloons and many more. Karina thought why they ended up here. Well, it's alright for her though, but she's more worried about her companion. Why did he pick this place? Did he ate or drank something weird like a not-deadly poison or something? It’s unusual for Matsumoto Jun – THE Matsumoto Jun – to pick a carnival as a venue to celebrate his birthday party. Correction: It’s not like Matsumoto Jun to pick this place. What happened? Is what she thought. “You know, I’m going to ask you a question but don’t get mad, okay?” He was too busy playing the Ring-the-object Game to reply to Karina but he managed to murmur a sound saying ‘Okay’. “Ah.. Okay. Well, don’t mind it too much. It’s not a big deal and—” He suddenly stopped playing and faced her straight. “Tell me already. What it is that bothers your mind?” Mustering up all the courage that she can get, Karina finally decided to tell him already. “Matsumoto Jun-san, have you gone nuts?” Silence filled the whole booth, not the whole carnival though. Not long after the laugh of the DoS was heard. “What happened to you that made you think that?”

“Because…it’s not like you to celebrate your birthday in a carnival, playing Ring-the-object, riding the ferries wheel and eating ice cream. Did something bad happen? Anything you can talk to me about?” Jun went closer to pat her head. “You’re worrying too much. Nothing’s wrong with me. I am I, right? So just enjoy this celebration, okay?”

“You said that.”

As they were about to ride the roller coaster, Karina asked Jun, What is the happiest moment in your life? Jun thought deeply, deeper than a mine. The coaster started and reached the end, the same moment he found an answer to Karina's question. "Well, of course, that would be Arashi's debut, right? Not even one of us wouldn't be glad to have our debut that time."

Karina sighed. "You sure don't understand, don't you Jun-kun? Just as I thought. You still haven't found the right answer yet. That's the reason why you're not happy enough whenever you're celebrating your birthday. Even though you always tell me that you'll only be happy during your birthdays when you're with me, I just can't feel it, the happiness that you're supposed to feel right now. I know..."

"How come we reached the topic about celebrating my birthday? Well, it IS my birthday today, but why did you mention it?" Karina kept quiet. After a while, she suddenly grabbed Jun and left the coaster ride exit. “Where are we going?” It was hard for Jun to cope up with Karina’s speed. Though she’s not as stronger as Jun, she’s known to be good in finishing things on time. In short, she fast. When they reached the main exit, they rode a taxi and headed towards a nearby hospital. Who would ever think to go to a hospital after a roller coaster ride? Of course, Jun too was also bothered why they were going to a hospital.

Soon, they reached their destination. What do you expect of a nearby hospital? Karina immediately went out the taxi (after paying, of course), with Jun following him. “Karina-chan, are we there yet? Where do you plan to bring me anyway?”

“Will you just keep quiet even for a while? Be patient. I myself will tell you the right answer.”

“But it’s a big deal not knowing the happiest moment in one’s life, isn’t it?” he said as he walked behind her back.

“It might not be a big deal yet, but once you know it, it would become a really big deal!” Trying to calm herself down, Karina sat down and sighed. “I give up. Never mind what I said.”

“How can I forget that? It’s still bothering me. The answer to your question, is what I need right now. Please tell me what the answer is. I promise not to be impatient anymore, okay?”

Karina sighed. “You leave me no choice, don’t you? Well, it can be my birthday gift to you, after all.”

On the way, a man with sloping shoulders went out from a room with his arm bandaged. Came out after him was a tall man holding a skateboard on his hand who called out, “Oh! MatsuJun and Karina-chan! What are you doing here?”

“That’s my line! What are you doing here? What happened to Sho-chan?” Jun said as he approached them.

“It’s Sho-chan’s fault!” said Aiba who was constantly blaming Sho for falling off the skateboard for the second time.

“I just tried if I can still skateboard! Who knows that I’ll fall again?” Sho tried defending himself but never succeeds. “By the way, why are you both here? Is someone other than me injured?”

Karina and Jun looked at each other. “It’s nothing. We just passed by from the carnival.”

The two were constantly having eye contact, having a conversation how they’ll explain the situation to the two members. Of course, who wouldn’t get curious about two people going to a hospital at the day f his/her birthday? Unless one of them is wounded and needs medical help, but the thing is, none of them does. Both Karina and Jun were healthy and sound.

“Anyway, you both have your own way of celebrating each other’s birthday, so we’ll leave you here.”
Sho and Aiba left as they greeted the birthday celebrant a ‘Happy Birthday’.

Jun saw them as they left the building and faced Karina, “So what do we do now?”

“Uhh… Continue where we’re heading to?”

“Ah, that’s right. And where are we headed to?”

“Maybe that’s up to me, isn’t it?”

They both laughed as they continued their conversation as they continued to walk for once again.

It seemed that they were having a long journey but they’re not. Jun thought too, why it seemed that they crossed a desert though they’re just in the hospital and heading to an unknown direction to which only Karina knows. Soon enough, Karina stopped before a room full of new-born babies.


Karina nodded enthusiastically. Here started again their eye contact which can be understood by the following people: Nose Karina & Matsumoto Jun.

Well, hello? Of course, babies. They’re babies, further more; they’re new-born babies.

Yes, I know. But why are we here? Don’t tell me, the answer’s here?

Exactly! So sit back, relax and let me discuss a little-bit serious explanation.

Breathe in, breathe out and Karina started. “Babies. What comes into your mind when it’s said? Of course, birth, isn’t it? But don’t you think it can be the happiest moment in your life? Correction: It IS the happiest moment in your life. Why? Because, though you still don’t have the full-grown mind to think that it’s a happy moment to be out of your mother’s tummy, the people around you are already happy for you. Don’t you think, if you’re not born, Arashi won’t be formed? Also, you won’t be able to meet me and especially, you won’t be able to experience the goodness of life, the beauty of the world! Right?”

That’s kind of right. No, that’s definitely right! Jun thought to himself. “Hmm…That’s all?”

“Y-Yeah. That’s all. Why? Is there something bad about what I said?” she was very puzzled why there’s neither any good nor violent reaction from him. Why?

“You’re so cruel, aren’t you, Jun-kun?” A different voice from behind was heard.

When they looked to see who it was and there stood a man with bonito flake-like sunburn and wore which looked a fishing gear.

“Ohno-san!” Karina exclaimed. “Why are you here?”

The man then presented his piranha-bitten hand. It’s bleeding but not too much, yet Ohno doesn’t seem to mind the pain. “I’m here to get this healed.”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. That’s what you get for fishing a lot and become a bonito-flake.” Jun said after he gave the leader a smirk.

“Well, I don’t have a choice, don’t I? The piranha likes me though I don’t like him. By the way, about what I said earlier. Why are you so cruel? Karina-chan went through the trouble in explaining it to you yet you just gave that kind of reaction? You’re too cruel. It’s even your 28th birthday today. Hmm…” Without saying anymore further, Ohno left the two alone and went to ask for medical help for his poor hand.

Jun sighed. “Well, let’s go?” Karina nodded in agreement.

“Here you go.” Jun sent Karina in front of her apartment.

“Thank you for the day. Hope we can do the same next year.” Karina said as she waved goodbye.

When she entered the apartment, Jun grabbed his phone and sent a mail to someone.

To: Ninomiya Kazunari

You know, I just got lectured by Karina-chan and Riidaa. :(
Though, they’re right about what they said, it seems like it
hit me so much. I don’t know why.

Anyway, where’s your greeting?

                            - Jun

Nino received the mail and immediately replied.

To: Matsumoto Jun

That’s just a blessing to you. Just accept it and you might
use it in the future for the sake of your kids.

I was just about to mail you when I received this complaint
from you. Happy Birthday! How was your celebration with

                            - Nino

Jun laughed loudly when he read the bratty mail he received from the bratty Nino.

To: Ninomiya Kazunari

Okay, okay. It’s a blessing. But, it’s rare for you to say the
word ‘blessing’. Did something good happened?

It was fun and did you know, she asked me if I’ve gone nuts?
Goodness! But it really was fun.

                            - Jun

A reply immediately came in.

To: Matsumoto Jun

Nothing. We just had breakfast together but I don't know if
she's happy with it. I just noticed she's been down lately.

                            - Nino

Jun sighed. Another mail came in but from a different person. It was from Karina. Why did she sent a mail? Jun thought.

To: Matsumoto Jun


                            - Karina

"Eh? What's this?" Jun tried to reply but he just realized something. Something good. Something important. Yes, she was considerate, too considerate to greet me even I said years ago that there's no need to greet me. Just be on my side and celebrate with me would be enough.

"Thank you. Thank you for telling me the happiest moment in my life."


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