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TITLE: Lost and Found
SUBTITLE: Finding a New Way to Happiness
AUTHOR: Mari / [ profile] stormfordream
GENRE: Mystery (?)
WORD COUNT: 2594 words
  • Onee-chan means older sister in English
  • The Kimoto family members' names are flowers. Ren > lotus; Yuri > lily; and then rest as is.

Never one would think that one discovery would change one’s life. For once, Yuri never thought of having a disease that can cause her, either a continuous life or a sudden death. But never one would also think that if one is lost, there would still be some hope lurking around, waiting to be seen. Yuri didn’t expect that a mere lad would come and help her stand up in her own feet again and together find a new way to happiness.

Chapter 1

As the morning breeze passed its way through Yuri’s room, she immediately woke up right after smelling the sweet aroma of green tea one floor down her room, where the kitchen was. She specially and purposely picked that room for her to be able to wake up in the morning. Why? Ever since she was a little girl, Yuri would only wake up IF, as in capital I-F, she would be able to smell a sweet aroma from the kitchen.

Thanks to dear Aroma, Yuri got up from bed. She hurriedly went down to the kitchen and there welcomed her a sumptuous breakfast at the table. Standing at the counter was her mother, Dahlia who was preparing another tray of freshly-baked cookies. On the long dining table were not only cookies, but many more. There’s green tea, onigiri, tamagoyaki, oven-baked bread, salad and, of course, Yuri’s ever favourite, French toast. At the head of the table was her father, Ren. On his right side is an unoccupied chair, meant to be for Dahlia. Next to that chair is Rose; Yuri’s sister who’s 4 years older. Yuri’s family; the Kimoto family, is extremely rich. They own all the different branches of Bloom and Blossom Corp.; the most popular and prosperous flower shop. It’s the biggest flower shop corporation in the whole nation. Of course, they also have branches all over the world. One of them is in Britain, another in Washington, Beijing, Paris, Manila, Ottawa, London, Hong Kong and many more out into the wider world.

“How was your sleep, my little lily?” Ren, putting his newspaper down, asked.

Yuri sat on the chair on the left of her father. “As always, I smelled something good down here, which made me get up from bed. Mama’s cooking is unquestionably remarkable! It comes out every time Mama would cook.” As she scanned the table, French toast immediately caught her attention, making her smile. She then started getting some for her plate.

“Looks like you’ve already found what you’re going to eat first, dear.” Dahlia said as she saw the bliss evident in her daughter’s dazzling eyes.

It started getting on her nerves. Rose spoke up for the first time in the morning. “Humph, she’ll never get tired to eat French toast. Good thing, you haven’t turned into a toast too, Yuri. Why not try not to eat that even for day or week? It might bring you good. Well, I’ve been wondering what Mom’s secret ingredient in her recipe is for French toasts that made you addicted to it.”

To this, Yuri said no more. She’s used to the ballpark words her older sister fire at her. Noticing that Yuri did no reaction to what she said, Rose added more fuel to fire and said, “Stop making yourself look like a puppy, while you’re not. I know you’re just letting people have pity on you, but the truth is, you just want to gain their trust and hurt them in the end.” Noticing her younger sister’s silence, Rose added, “Isn’t that true?”

“That’s enough, children.”

“But Dad—”

“I said, enough! You are ruining the beauty of this morning breakfast.” Ren halted his first-born. “You’re too harsh, Rose. I’m expecting you to be the appropriate heir for our business yet you disappoint me too much.”

Getting too much frustrated, Rose raised her voice and stood, “You’re the harsh one, Dad! You don’t consider my feelings! You always take the side of Yuri, and what’s more? You never gave me what I wanted! You don’t even worry about me, it’s always ‘Yuri, Yuri, Yuri’! I’m so tired of it, Dad! It never came to my mind that you love me. I don’t feel li—”

Rose received a hit from her dad with what she said. It was the first time she got hit right with the hand of her own father. Having too much shock from what happened, Rose walked out from the kitchen and walked straight to her room.

Dahlia caressed the back of her husband. “Dear, that was too much. You shouldn’t have hit her. You already know that Rose would throw tantrums if she’s opposed isn’t it?”

“But I am her father! It must be her that mustn’t oppose Me.” the breadwinner answered.

“Please calm down, Papa.” Yuri said in a low voice, expecting that her father would calm down from his stress.

“I’m enough of this. I’m going to work, take care, dear.” Ren said and kissed Dahlia on the cheek, “and to you too my little lily.”

As her father left, Yuri heaved a sigh. “When do you think will this end, Mama? Every morning, Papa and Onee-chan would fight. Never came a peaceful morning since then.”

Dahlia sat down beside Yuri and said in her mellifluous voice, “We never know, Yuri. All we can do is not to get involve in the raising of each other’s voices and to pray for the two of them to stop fighting. They’ve just misunderstood each other.”

“I hope so.”


The bell ringed signalling the students to go home. Yuri is currently studying in Sakuragaoka High School. She’s in second year high school. Her older sister, Rose, is in second year college.

“See you next time, Yuri-chan!” Ai, Yuri’s childhood friend and a cousin, waved goodbye.

As a daughter from a prestigious family, you’d expect Yuri to be riding a limousine with guards and personal assistants everywhere. But, no, hell no. Yuri herself asked her father not to put body guards around her and she also asked her own bicycle to use as transportation back and forth from home to her school. Still, Ren as an over-protective father, he asked for body guards not letting Yuri know, not knowing that she knows, already. What would you expect? It’s her own life; she knows what’s going on around her including molesters lurking around whenever she’s on the ride home. Though, thanks to her karate skills which started six years ago, she can protect herself without any help from those discreet body guards.

On the way home riding her bicycle, Yuri received a call from her mother. She was surprised for her tone was sadder than usual which bothered her. “Hello, Mama? What’s wrong? Are you crying?”

“Y-Yuri… Your Dad… He’s in the hospital,”

Yuri’s eyes widened, “What? Why? Tell me, Mama!”

“Just come here in your Uncle Yuki’s hospital… and the doctor will tell you everything.”


Just as told, Yuri went to the hospital her father was. When she went to her father’s room, Ren, Dahlia, Rose and the doctor in-charge welcomed her with bad news. Dr. Ogawa, the doctor-in-charge, started explaining to Yuri what was happening.

“Ms. Kimoto Yuri, right? I’ll get straight to the point. Unfortunately, I have to say that your father has pulmonary fibrosis. It is the formation or development of excess fibrous connective tissue in the lungs. It is also described as ‘scarring of the lung’ and is also called idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. According to research, about 10 to 15% of cases of this disease are hereditary. We just wanted to know if you and your sister have inherited this pulmonary fibrosis to ensure your safety. We already had a test on your sister, Rose, and it was negative. We didn’t detect any sign of having a pulmonary fibrosis. So, to be sure, we also want you take the test if it’s alright for you.” Dr. Ogawa said.

At first, Yuri was hesitating yet it’s for own safety so she finally agreed to take the test. The doctor led the way to the radiology room to let Yuri have an x-ray test. While waiting for the results, Dahlia who was bawling the whole moment her husband was hospitalized, tried to comfort Yuri as much as possible for she was shaking with fear after taking the test. “I don’t know what to do if ever I inherited the disease Papa has. I don’t want him to die and I don’t want to die with that disease too. What should I do, Mama?”

“Think positive my dear. Don’t lose hope.” Dahlia assured as she caressed Yuri’s back.

Awhile after their thinking, the doctor came out of the radiology room and asked them to go inside to see the results. As they went inside, Yuri’s heart was pounding so hard to the extent that she’s die of a heart attack. She can’t think of anything but negative thoughts.

Dr. Ogawa showed two x-rays of lungs, “This is the x-ray of the lungs of Yuri,” and added beside it another x-ray, “and here are the certainly healthy lungs of Rose. So, the question is, could you see anything different?”

The three ladies analyzed the two x-rays of the lungs of the Kimoto siblings. Few seconds later, Rose spoke up. “Mine has no scar while Yuri’s…has.” That was the first time Rose felt pitiful for Yuri.

“That’s right, Ms. Rose. Sad to say Mrs. Kimoto, but your daughter, Yuri, has inherited the idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis her father has. Since two among your family members have pulmonary fibrosis, you need to move to cleaner surroundings for them not to be infected of the surroundings here in Japan. We can’t be sure if Japan is really clean so to be safe, I suggest that you move to another country. I suppose Canada would be good since it’s not too far from our country.” the doctor explained.

After hearing what the doctor said, Yuri broke out in tears. She didn’t know that a disease would change her life that bad. No one knew, not even her parents.


Every day, she suffered from the thought of having a disease that can either let her live or kill her. Yuri was lying on the hospital bed, staring into the ceiling while being examined by her doctor-in-charge. She can hear the doctor saying, “She needs to rest more. She’s also limited to some kinds of foods, like toast or anything hard or crunchy that may affect the scarred part of her lung.”

Oh God, why toast? Of all the kinds of foods there are in the world, it is toast that you prohibited me to. This is too much torture. Why? Have I done something wrong that made you give me such suffering? Have I? I want to believe that you have a purpose for all of this happenings yet I can’t figure out that purpose.

“And also I have to remind you to relocate to another country as soon as possible for the safety of your family, Mrs. Kimoto.” the doctor added.

Dahlia bowed in respect and thanked the doctor. She then turned to Yuri and said, “You hear that, Yuri? We’re almost leaving for Canada.” Ren, whose bed beside Yuri’s, added, “And we can finally look for a way to be cured.”

Rose who’s sitting by the door, frankly said, “That is, if there really is a cure.”

“Words, Rose. Your words, be careful in selecting them.” said Dahlia, with assurance that her oldest daughter would stop firing scratchy words at Yuri, now that her own father is getting fired at too. “So, we need to leave now. Better rest, okay?” she added as she went to kiss the foreheads of her daughter and husband.

Right at the moment the door closed Yuri talked to her father, “Papa, do think there’s still a way to be cured? Don’t you think Onee-chan is right? I can’t stop on thinking about what would my future be during this suffering. It bothers me so much.”

Ren could not bear the thought that he shared his unwanted disease to her daughter. You just don’t know. I’m suffering too from the fact that I’m the one to blame of your suffering, right now, Yuri. “We will, my dear. We will. After leaving Japan, we also need to leave behind the worries we’re having about this topic.”

For once, there was silence in the room when the nurse came in to check the condition of both patients. She was wearing a familiar face like someone disguising as a nurse, it’s too good to be true yet it seemed so true for Yuri. After a while of staring, Yuri spoke up, “Ai’s older sister, Mei-onee-san?”

Her face lit up and she smiled, “You guessed it right, Yuri-chan.” Blinking in surprise, Yuri asked again, “Is that really you, Onee-san?”

“Oh, even here you’re unconvinced? It really is me. Look at this face, oh. It the almost the same face with Ai, isn’t it?” Mei insisted.

Yuri sighed, “You really are Mei-onee-san. But what are you doing here? Did you want to try being a nurse?” and Mei just smiled back.

Kimoto Mei is known as the best person who looks great in every outfit she wore especially uniforms of civil servants, like police officer, doctor, teacher, student and many more. In short, Mei is the niece of the owner of the Sanada Hospital, which is the brother-in-law of Ren. But even though not all places are owned by the uncle of Mei, she’s still allowed to wear their uniform. Wondering why? Because Kimoto Momo’s family, the father of Mei, owns a clothing shop to where thousands of companies, restaurants, hospitals, schools and other community buildings get their supplies of uniforms for the employees. Right now, their business is far more prosperous yet no one can tell if they’re richer than the Kimoto family. If you can’t comprehend what you’re reading right now, you better stop getting curious about Kimoto Mei’s personality.

Mei turned to face Ren and greeted him, “It’s been a long time, Uncle.”

Ren just returned a weak smile. Having seen her father suffering, Yuri tried to change the topic. “Anyways, what is your real business here, Mei-onee-san?”

“Nothing more than just bad news.” whispered Mei.



“Stop joking, Onee-san. We’ve too much problems there’s no room for jokes.”

Mei kept silent, giving out the creeps running down Yuri’s spine.

“There really is bad news, isn’t there?” Yuri asked once again, to which Mei nodded. Both of them had the conversation using just few words with their eyes and instincts. Not those of an animal, though. They’ve been talking to each other silently, silent as the wind blowing from the open window through the room. Yuri spoke once again, “Please tell me even from the smallest details.”

“Sure, my dear.”

“Hey, hey. What are you two talking about that I can’t comprehend? Are you too much underestimating an old man?” interrupted the bedridden father of Yuri.

“Girls’ talk, Uncle.” said Mei as she flashed a smile assuring her uncle there’s nothing wrong, “I’ll just assist Yuri through the washroom.” As the two youngsters left the room, Ren can’t help but feel something suspicious going around them.

Reaching the comfort room, Yuri whispered to Mei as much as she can, “Why can’t we tell Papa about that issue?” Mei gave her a letter addressed to Yuri from the Metropolitan Police Department, approving her leave. “Uncle would just be worried about you if he finds out that you’re involved in that case. You know that he’s overprotective to you and he would be panic-stricken if he knew that you’re acting as a rookie detective in the police.”

Just giving Mei a smirk, Yuri replied with a different tone from her usual self. “Well, good thing that I already has a back-up plan concerning Papa finding out about that issue.”

Mei, too, responded with a smirk. “I expected that from you, my dear cousin.”


*To my dear Onee-chan, you don't have to check the grammar. This is my work with Arianne, so I'd like to write this on my own. Still, help me with my Arashi-related fics, okay? Yoroshiku!*
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