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December 2011

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Yeah! Here are some icons I made from bunch of different pictures gotten from every corner of the NetWorld. So, if the picture's yours, credit's yours too! I'm just sharing what I managed to do when I was bored.

EDIT: Finally fixed the problem, now it's not private! And I can finally share the love!

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I just said on my previous entry that the fic would be posted in a few days but I didn't expect it to be done tonight. Here we go!

Title: Happiest Moment in Your Life
Characters: Matsumoto Jun-Nose Karina (pair), Sakuraiba, Ohno Satoshi (appearance), Matsumiya (mail exchange)
Date: August 31, 2010
Notes: There are lots of grammatical errors, so, Onee-chan, I'll leave it to you! Yoroshiku!
Word Count: 1,751 words
Karina thought why they ended up here. )

Haha, have you done that? Me? I have. As a fan, I've done it may times. For example, last week, we had a project (actually, a homework) in which you need to draw in your sketchpad your own interpretation of art. What I drew was, the last scene in the last episode of Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku, or simply, Natsu Niji, (the scene wherein they are looking up in the sky, and there's a rainbow) excluding Taiga, Shiori and Umi. Of course, not forgetting the most important part of the scene : the rainbow. It is said that a rainbow has 7 colors, right? In my case there was only 5, so there goes an example of an application of Arashi in real life. In my diary also, the schedule there has 5 colors, from Monday to Friday, in the order starting from Riidaa to MatsuJun.

I just can't help but apply them... *sigh*

Wahh~! I just finished outlining my chibi Arashi drawing, I really feel happy and accomplished. To think that I only finished OUTLINING I'm already very happy to the extent that I can't take it anymore. Well, I still can't erase the unecessary pencil lines. Blame my (truth is, it's my Onee-chan's) eraser who has been gone for days! I don't know what happened to it. It is mad at me? Of course, not! Gah. So, I can't continue unless that stupid eraser come out from its hiding place. Then, I'd like to show it, but since it's NOT YET finished, it's still impossible. Hmm... By the way, that chibi Arashi that I drew is based on their PV, Love Rainbow. Actually it was Onee-chan's request (oh, no, no, it's me who asked her want PV she likes). As per her request, I drew that chibi Arashi. I'm definitely confident in my drawing (what a proud person I am...). So, here's the end of the post, bye-bye~!


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