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TITLE: Lost and Found
SUBTITLE: Finding a New Way to Happiness
AUTHOR: Mari / [ profile] stormfordream
GENRE: Mystery (?)
WORD COUNT: 2594 words
  • Onee-chan means older sister in English
  • The Kimoto family members' names are flowers. Ren > lotus; Yuri > lily; and then rest as is.

Never one would think that one discovery would change one’s life. For once, Yuri never thought of having a disease that can cause her, either a continuous life or a sudden death. But never one would also think that if one is lost, there would still be some hope lurking around, waiting to be seen. Yuri didn’t expect that a mere lad would come and help her stand up in her own feet again and together find a new way to happiness.

Need Not 2 Know )

*To my dear Onee-chan, you don't have to check the grammar. This is my work with Arianne, so I'd like to write this on my own. Still, help me with my Arashi-related fics, okay? Yoroshiku!*

The 'someday' came true! Well, it's not actually posted here but in Onee-chan and mine's wordpress blog. There, I post my small fics, we started it 2010 and it's only me who keep on posting. Onee-chan said she doesn't have enough free time unlike me. So I'll wait for her to think of a fic, ne?

So, anyways this is the permalink to my little fics,

There might be grammatical errors but I hope you still appreciate it! (If she can have a free time, Onee-chan will edit those)


It raining in the Philippines and I'm wearing two layers of clothing, right now. It really cold in the morning, but thanks to the typhoon (or storm), we don't have classes and I was able to post this! Viva, Arashi! Peace!


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