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Yeah! Here are some icons I made from bunch of different pictures gotten from every corner of the NetWorld. So, if the picture's yours, credit's yours too! I'm just sharing what I managed to do when I was bored.

EDIT: Finally fixed the problem, now it's not private! And I can finally share the love!

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I just said on my previous entry that the fic would be posted in a few days but I didn't expect it to be done tonight. Here we go!

Title: Happiest Moment in Your Life
Characters: Matsumoto Jun-Nose Karina (pair), Sakuraiba, Ohno Satoshi (appearance), Matsumiya (mail exchange)
Date: August 31, 2010
Notes: There are lots of grammatical errors, so, Onee-chan, I'll leave it to you! Yoroshiku!
Word Count: 1,751 words
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013 : J28

Aug. 31st, 2011 05:54 pm
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Peh-ce! Really, really sorry for not greeting you, MatsuJun! It's just the laptop I'm using is not mine, it's your wife's (you-know-who). It really is not easy to borrow from Onee-chan and she, too is trying to finish her FIRST-EVER fic. So, anyway, here's the birthday post!

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Ha! It's August, so it's Matsumoto Jun month~! At the end of the month, I'll definitely post a greeting for Jun-nii, I swear! I bet Onee-chan will post too. Of course, she won't let it pass by without posting any greeting for her beloved husband(?!) *smiles*

Anyway, onto the next topic: audition. Yes, yes, the audition that never took place. Ah, correction: it's not actually that it never took place. It just happened like it never happened. Get? Maybe not, never mind. It's a dance audition for the cheering competition that'll be held in our school on August 27, a very special day. A cheering competition among year levels and for us the first year students, the homeroom teachers asked: "Who are willing to dance?" and so I included myself there. The time of the audition was after classes, yesterday afternoon. But, the dancers were not taking it seriously, said my Filipino teacher. So, the audition was supposed to be held today, after classes again. But since the classes were suspended, maybe tomorrow.

And speaking of suspension, another weather report is here! *drumroll*

Unfortunately, the typhoon still taking a visit in our country and I hope it won't check-in in some hotel to stay for a few days. But, good thing, the classes were suspended. I haven't done the homework in TLE, so I was hoping for the classes to be cancelled. And it came true! When I just happened to finished taking a shower and wore my uniform, I decided to switch the radio to a different station, and right at the moment I switched it, "Suspendido na pong klase ang Kinder, Elementary at High-School."(It meant: "Classes are suspended for Kinder, Elementary and High-school") Uwaa~ I was so happy! And I ended up here, posting and sharing my happiness to the world!

God is REALLY good, all the time.


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