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I don't have anything to say, ahhh, just click the link, pleasee.... XD

"Chanto aundesu"

Mind me, the news just said that it's only 96 days till Christmas.

Is everyone excited for Christmas, or probably, it's just me...
Title: Mysteries After Breakfast
Characters: Ninomiya Kazunari-Toda Erika (pair), Aragaki Yui-Aiba Masaki
Date: September 20, 2011
Point of View: Third Person Omniscient
  • Nino's character has undergone a big change, maybe not too big, but it HAS changed, isn’t it?
  • Title adopted from Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de, Sakurai Sho and Kitagawa Keiko’s upcoming (right?) drama. (I’m surprised that I was able to remember that long title just after glancing at it for a short period of time)
  • Here start all mysteries that will lead to bigger problems that’ll greatly affect the pair.
  • Mail exchange and flashbacks are [ profile] mikaa22- inspired. Thank you!
  • Starting from this chapter, I will be posting all my fics in my journal, here in LJ.

Word Count: 1, 905 words


Though having a bad feeling about the call, Erika still spoke. )
Yeah! Here are some icons I made from bunch of different pictures gotten from every corner of the NetWorld. So, if the picture's yours, credit's yours too! I'm just sharing what I managed to do when I was bored.

EDIT: Finally fixed the problem, now it's not private! And I can finally share the love!

Click to receive the love! )

The 'someday' came true! Well, it's not actually posted here but in Onee-chan and mine's wordpress blog. There, I post my small fics, we started it 2010 and it's only me who keep on posting. Onee-chan said she doesn't have enough free time unlike me. So I'll wait for her to think of a fic, ne?

So, anyways this is the permalink to my little fics,

There might be grammatical errors but I hope you still appreciate it! (If she can have a free time, Onee-chan will edit those)


It raining in the Philippines and I'm wearing two layers of clothing, right now. It really cold in the morning, but thanks to the typhoon (or storm), we don't have classes and I was able to post this! Viva, Arashi! Peace!
Wai~! Otanjoubi omedetou, Nino! At last, I finally made my first birthday post for an Arashi member and for Nino. Now, that his birthday is on a Friday, I managed to make one post just for him. He's so special, that's why. So, Ninomiya Kazunari, wherever you are, may it be Tokyo or Japan, I'm just here to support you and constantly loving you. Enjoy, for today is a very special day for you, your family, your co-members and your fans. Don't worry about any problems for there is the VERY SPECIAL one up there in the sky, watching and loving you the most. We, fans will just support you from a far distance. Have fun, okay?
It's almost Nino's birthday! In advance, I'm going post this because I might not be able to make a birthday post on time. Classes are starting, (well, for mine it's still on Monday, June 13) so it might be hard to be online. But, for the sake of my ichiban I'll do my best to make him a birthday post, yay! Also, to celebrate Nino-month, I put his solos on my cell phone, though only two can fit. *laughs* At least, there's two. Two is better than nothing, right? So, I won't delete it until it's already July. I'm keeping it for one month. Ganbarimasu! Off we go~!