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018 : Hiatus

Sep. 30th, 2011 10:30 am
stormfordream: (arashi)
...isn't it? There's too much work to do in real life so I need a break from writing 'Meant To Be'. Just wait for me. I'll finish you, don't worry.

Right now, I would like to start the plan my bestfriend and I are planning. The crazy plan that will last for months, I'm sure...

Ayan, wherever you are, whether you read his or not. Let me tell you, you're giving me trouble to which I'm not mad at and to which I'm accepting willingly... Hmph, better finish what I'm doing, right? Good luck on your graphics with AJ!

Oh and by the way, I can't wait to see Sho-chan as a butler. :D Kitagawa Keiko fits for the role, in my opinion. Hurry and air it! So that the subbers would be able to start with it! Yay!

This is going to be fast...

Who likes riddles? *raises right hand* Me! Haha, I've been into riddles lately. Last week, we were asked to look for some riddles for our activity the next day. When I searched the internet, I ended up here, this awesome riddle site. It's the first time I had so much fun answering and solving riddles. Why not try it too? Click it, ne?
Ha! It's August, so it's Matsumoto Jun month~! At the end of the month, I'll definitely post a greeting for Jun-nii, I swear! I bet Onee-chan will post too. Of course, she won't let it pass by without posting any greeting for her beloved husband(?!) *smiles*

Anyway, onto the next topic: audition. Yes, yes, the audition that never took place. Ah, correction: it's not actually that it never took place. It just happened like it never happened. Get? Maybe not, never mind. It's a dance audition for the cheering competition that'll be held in our school on August 27, a very special day. A cheering competition among year levels and for us the first year students, the homeroom teachers asked: "Who are willing to dance?" and so I included myself there. The time of the audition was after classes, yesterday afternoon. But, the dancers were not taking it seriously, said my Filipino teacher. So, the audition was supposed to be held today, after classes again. But since the classes were suspended, maybe tomorrow.

And speaking of suspension, another weather report is here! *drumroll*

Unfortunately, the typhoon still taking a visit in our country and I hope it won't check-in in some hotel to stay for a few days. But, good thing, the classes were suspended. I haven't done the homework in TLE, so I was hoping for the classes to be cancelled. And it came true! When I just happened to finished taking a shower and wore my uniform, I decided to switch the radio to a different station, and right at the moment I switched it, "Suspendido na pong klase ang Kinder, Elementary at High-School."(It meant: "Classes are suspended for Kinder, Elementary and High-school") Uwaa~ I was so happy! And I ended up here, posting and sharing my happiness to the world!

God is REALLY good, all the time.

Haha, have you done that? Me? I have. As a fan, I've done it may times. For example, last week, we had a project (actually, a homework) in which you need to draw in your sketchpad your own interpretation of art. What I drew was, the last scene in the last episode of Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku, or simply, Natsu Niji, (the scene wherein they are looking up in the sky, and there's a rainbow) excluding Taiga, Shiori and Umi. Of course, not forgetting the most important part of the scene : the rainbow. It is said that a rainbow has 7 colors, right? In my case there was only 5, so there goes an example of an application of Arashi in real life. In my diary also, the schedule there has 5 colors, from Monday to Friday, in the order starting from Riidaa to MatsuJun.

I just can't help but apply them... *sigh*


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